Why should I use the Nanollet?


Unlike other wallets, here there is no central server.


No hidden fee, the wallet is open-source and free for everyone.


Your seed is password-protected and you have unlimited decoy wallets to choose from.


Never wait for hours to synchronize a full-node-based wallet with the Nano blockchain.


Your SeedFY by itself does not open the wallet, since you must also input your private password. If your SeedFY is stolen, your wallet is still safe, as a thief can do nothing without your password. The computation costs of a brute-force attack on the password would be high due to the derivation used. In an extreme situation, where you might be coerced to reveal your password, there is no still problem, because all passwords are correct, and any password leads to a totally different set of decoy addresses.
Every SeedFY is created using a secure random generator. But if you are paranoid, you may still worry about your password, even with the computational cost that would be involved in breaking it. Nanollet offers an optional layer of security, two-factor authentication (2FA). The 2FA works as an additional password, which is offered up by your smartphone. The construction of the 2FA guarantees protection against replay attacks. We believe that this authentication model has at least the same level of security as HOTP and TOTP.


We do not monitor you to find out how you are using your NANO. Your wallet acts as a temporary node in the NANO network. Since Nanollet acts as temporary Nano node and must respond to network requests, you may notice a few messages, usually polling for votes to validate transactions. Many wallets provide a smooth user experience by routing transactions through a central server, but this could compromise user privacy and is contrary to the idea of a distributed network.
Everyone can use the software, without any proof of identification. There is no username, personal name, email address, mobile number or anything else is ever requested. We don’t ask for any personal data and we never have custody of your funds. You hold the SeedFY and communicate directly with other nodes in the network. Every payment that you make is signed with your private key and transmitted directly to the network.


It is never necessary to wait for a full NANO node to sync to be able to make a few payments. Nanollet is smart enough to connect to nodes without having to download the full blockchain ledger. This saves you time, internet bandwidth, and even your disk space. The ledger fills multiple gigabytes and grows bigger every day.
The interface is quite simple, with easy access to all features. The basic features like sending, receiving, and changing representatives are on the home page as expected. However, unique features can also be accessed, including Nanofy, SeedFY, and 2FA.


Here's the best part, just download and enjoy.

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